With the slogan  'Lets stop bullying together' this year’s campaign is focused on tackling verbal bullying. 


This year we are calling on the school community to take action to stop the bullying of ALL children and young people – including disabled children – those research shows are significantly more likely to experience bullying in schools and the wider community


Through this year’s theme we aim to:


  • equip schools, colleges and youth service leaders with resources to develop youth led anti-bullying initiatives and encourage inclusive attitudes amongst children and young people;

  • educate those who support and work with children to recognise children and young people who may be particularly vulnerable to bullying - encouraging an inclusive approach within all anti-bullying education; and

  • ensure the school community understand that the use of any discriminatory language is wrong and will not be tolerated and that using disablist language is taken as seriously as racist, sexist and homophobic language in schools

If you need to talk or tell someone...

Tell your teacher, parents or an adult you can trust.

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